Friday, May 2, 2008


Yesterday I was sick with a cold.  It came on the night before at CC Blue, a sushi joint here in St. Helena.  I wanted to blame the Sakehito (a sake mojito served up), but as it progressed from headache to feverish runny nose party, I had to accept the truth.  

I borrowed Deb's car and drove down to Napa looking for some suitable clothes for our big meal, some cat items and some Sand Dabs.

I was gonna cook the Sand Dabs up last night, but I was too pooped.  Deb made us some lovely asian-y noodle stuff with sauteed vegetables and lots of nice spices.  I'm crediting that, and our old roomate Christine's 800mg ibuprofen for my near total recovery over night.

In other, very intriguing news someone other than Kitty had a little sleepover last night... I'm all ears.


tiffany... said...

jay... are you in california for a long time now?
we were talking about your facial hair this evening...

Harry said...

no comment