Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Go(ing to) Fish

Today, the plan is to get in touch and hopefully meet with my old boss Jen who I will be working for again.  When I lived here last time, I got a job at Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen in Saint Helena.  Cindy’s is one of three restaurants owned (with the help of investors) by Cindy Pawlcyn, somewhat of a celebrity chef in northern California.  Cindy’s was behind Main St. in downtown St. Helena, across the road from the railroad tracks on Railroad Avenue.  It is in a two story white building with many windows and several dining rooms.  At one point it was a hotel for railroad travelers.  One of the little stories that we servers would feed our customers to add depth to their experience at the restaurant was that the fig tree that reaches over the patio where they were eating was at least 150 years old.  This is especially exciting to hear when it is fig season and we can tell them that the figs on the plate once dangled above their table like the uni-ball Jim once claimed to Val that I was born with (or without if you prefer).

Go Fish, the restaurant that my old boss currently manages is an aesthetic opposite of Cindy’s.  It is a large single story building on the outskirts of town, clearly more modern and more purpose built as a restaurant.  It has a cavernous main dining hall, divided by a large hanging artwork in the center of the irregularly shaped room.  Skylights dot the high ceilings and modern pendant lighting dangles over the tables and the angular zinc bar where you can order stellar sushi (or shoo-see as a little boy once called it to Colleen and I) and cocktails with some promise.

I was offered a position as a manager in training, or MIT for you DASAC people.  I would be paid an hourly wage as opposed to making tips, and this would likely often mean less dollars per day, but the chance to get a foot in the door at a successful and well managed company seems well worth it.  Optimally, I would get a chance to have a few nights as the barman at Cindy’s, should any openings arise.  


No Stand In Will Do said...

footinthedoor, footinthedoor, craaaak!

Susan said...

i want a fig and i want it now.