Sunday, April 6, 2008

A busy weekend.

After a slow few weeks, business has been booming in the restaurant.
Last night, we served over 200 people, and tonight we came within 10
people of breaking our record (2% less than the record isn't that far

It was Val's 50'th birthday (though I have a hard time believing it)
and she was in with a bunch of her friends. When it was time to sing
to her, I was kind of in the weeds but I jumped away to sing.

Later somebody got pulled over in front of the restaurant, but I don't
think they were coming from us because no one had left for a while.

Oliver, who is our mascot and cracks us all up with comedy gems too
numerous to count, was obliging enough to participate in a left over
cake glamour shot at the bar after hours.

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