Thursday, April 3, 2008

I have no idea.

So we are almost done with a Solair Retractible installation in Noho
and all we have to do is set the electric motor so it knows when to
stop rolling out and in.

We only do this kind of installation a few times a year, and I always
have to look in the book to figure out how to set those limit
switches. I tried to set them a few times until I got pissed off and
started to say nasty things to the motor and Roger said something
like, "Watch out for Jay when he starts getting sarcastic."

Since we couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, we decided to
take apart the switch. Of course we have no idea about electrical
work, my feeling is that anything invisible that can kill me is better
left to sweaty guys with low waistbands and their proteges.

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