Friday, June 27, 2008

Mystery Solved

So I've been wondering who bumperstickered my car last week and assuming that it was one of my Hope and Olive coworkers.  Assumptions are usually a bad idea, and as it turns out I was barking up the wrong tree.  A few days ago Johanna (my landlady and good friend's mom) knocked on my door to apologize for the stickers, which she revealed were planted by her nephew Eben.  This was a good turn of events for several reasons, and funnier as well.  First it was good to know who had done the deed and secondly it released me from feeling like I had to keep the stickers on until the joker (again an assumed coworker) got a chance to see them when the restaurant reopened a week from BumperstickerNacht.  Also, it meant that Eben had gotten the "message" I left for him (I set his homepage in Safari to and was responding in kind.  

It was fun to find out that I had some humor in common with Avi's cousin, whom I've seen from time to time since I started being friends with Avi in first grade or so.

ps. Those of you who know what is, good for you. For the rest of my (3) readers, if you haven't heard of, you probably don't want to look it up, its pretty gross.  Suffice to say, is an image that was used in a classic (meaning at least a year old) internet meme, where you would send someone a link that you said would lead them to something they wanted to see, like a family photo album or Paris Hilton's tits but would instead take them to this very unsavory image instead.  Look up "RickRolling" if you want to see a funny (and non-disgusting) and more current version of this joke.

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