Saturday, June 14, 2008

Past Due Posting

So there are several things that I've been planning on posting about, but you know how it is (maybe you super-actualizing people don't) with getting things done.  Speaking of getting things done (which I'd prefer to do at the moment instead of getting them done) I have a growing list of things to accomplish before I head out west for my 4th cross country drive in two years!

Get the new van checked out and inspected.

Arrange for the clearing on my property to get mowed so it will still be a clearing when I get back.

Save a ton of money (not looking too good on that front).

Plan our route out west, and get in touch with friends or family that we may try to stay with.

Consolidate all my music on the laptop so we can replenish our iPods while we are on the road.

Do something about the mullet that is growing down my neck.

and the list continues...


Arn said...

more music for your journey will be provided in CD format

rybaczuk said...

and, finally give us more details about your meal at the laundry place.

and, put some pictures of the novillas on the blog.