Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Dream

I just woke up from a dream in which I was watching a broadcast of President Bush make another tired and hollow claim about defending the world from evil and Terror. It was on television and was being presented by a famous news anchor, Dan Rather I think. Along with the anchor there was a thin vaguely Asian man with white hair and odd teeth. He had the air of a sign language interpreter about him, but he was speaking and as I listened I realized he was speaking a soft, stylized English.

After the president's speech, the anchor and the white haired man stood shoulder to shoulder in front of the people in the television studio with their arms around each other. The speech had just ended and in the wake of the twisted logic and doublespeak of our leader, these two men did something extraordinary. They began to sing.

It was a variation of our national anthem but instead of a poem about "That glorious fight," they sang instead of a fragile hope that we might deliver our selves from the grasp of fascism and empire coming from our own leaders and take back our freedom and good name in a time of madness and evil.

I found myself sitting next to my mother in front of the television and when the new words of anthem came up on the screen, karaoke style, we sang along.


Erin said...

i like your dream. it seems real.

ps i started blogging again.

Susan said...

blow my mind...again...hope blooms

No Stand In Will Do said...

that's pretty great, tune me in.