Sunday, July 6, 2008

Prelude to Exodus: Finishing Up

My blog got into the weeds a few days ago as I tried to get my possessions packed and my apartment at the Weinstein's empty and presentable.  The objectives seemed simple enough: go through my stuff and get rid of things that I didn't want anymore or that wouldn't fit in the MPV,  pack the good stuff and get rid of the crap and then attempt to stuff it into the minivan and leave the apartment looking nice for Jacob who I think is arriving within the week from India.   It was a lot of work (though not as much as when I still had 3 couches, 2 beds, a few kitchen tables and more).

I wasn't worried about this because I had over 2 months to get this all done... right up until last week, when I realized that all that time had been frittered away and I was about to blow my departure date.  This was a panicky feeling.  I was rescued yesterday by my mom who cleaned as I packed and fretted.
I reached that mercenary point where if it wasn't packed in a box, it was packed in the trash.

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